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Hand Therapy

Hand TherapyBecause of the detailed anatomy of the hand and wrist, OSM Physical, Occupational & Hand Therapy Center employs Physical Therapists that have obtained specialized credentials as Advanced Practitioners in Hand Therapy (HTC) or Certified Hand Therapist (CHT).

It is our philosophy to not only provide the highest level of skilled care but also strive for absolute patient satisfaction. Patients are seen by a licensed therapist, one-on-one, every visit for skilled hands on care. OSM staff are required to annually attend educational courses and conferences to continually sharpen skills in areas such as soft-tissue mobilization, nerve glides and joint mobilization.

Each PT/OT/Hand Location is equipped with the most modern tools in sports medicine that are also uniquely customized for injuries of the upper extremity.

Professional Services

We offer a number of professional services to help our patients achieve superior results.

Highly Skilled Manual Therapy Techniques
Our hand therapists receive extensive training in the latest treatment modalities including: Joint Mobilization, Nerve glides, Cross-friction massage, Trigger-point massage, ASTYM & Myofascial Release.
Technology: Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Paraffin, Laser & Iontophoresis
Every clinic is equipped with the most advanced technology to augment healing, desensitization and pain control.
Cutting Edge Equipment
Computerized exercise equipment such as the BTE allow for therapists to control levels of resistance as well as joints and muscle groups targeted in the progression of each individual's treatment plan.
Custom Splinting, Taping & Scar/Edema Management
All our therapists are experienced with the custom fabrication of both static and dynamic splints as well as the utilization of athletic or kinesiotape to augment performance. Customized fitting of scar pads and edema garments allow quicker healing.
Comprehensive Evaluation & Assessment
Hand therapists perform detailed examination of your injury utilizing goniometers to evaluate range of motion, monofilaments-sensation and grip/pinch gauges for consistent and reliable strength testing.